Morning Soul: Baby Come Back To A Player

  • Unlike the delusional harpies on this website, ask any brotha if he thinks Alicia Keys is fat and see what he says after he looks at you like you're crazy. [TSW]
  • Will Smith denies being a Scientologist. There was no statement about him being corny, though. [People]
  • Is a movie studio coverup afoot with this whole Will Smith story? [Defamer]
  • A Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson duet is all in Jermaine Dupri's imagination. [PRI]
  • Rampant bootlegging bumps up the release of Gnarls Barkley's new disc. [BB]
  • After catching all those cases, Busta Rhymes gets a slap on the wrist. Celebrity justice strikes again. [AHH]

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