Bounce-Worthy: Imani Uzuri


Imani Uzuri‘s album, Her Holy Water: A Black Girl’s Rock Opera, was released last month, but unless she’s been on your one-to-watch list, this news is likely just hitting your radar. Making the rounds in the underground scene for several years, this soul sista has a following overseas (of course), but less so in the States. When not busy touring to far-off locales such as Amsterdam, Russia and Japan, Imani lends her vocals to jazz, rock, R&B and everything in between, even dueting with John Legend on slow jam classic “If This World Were Mine.” Her Rock Opera is ripe with such drum-and-bass inspired tracks as the one below, and anything else Ms. Uzuri felt was worthy. It’s the command of her voice, however, that will make this album worthy to be in your collection. 

Imani Uzuri: “9 by 9 (Live In The Light)”

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