Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins ‘Shine On’


Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins, known collectively as G&D, have been making their own unique brand of hip hop, funk, and jazz for awhile now, and have The Message Uni Versa, their trippy, soul-laden album released last year, and various independently released projects to prove it. Both artists are affiliated with Stones Throw Records, a label well-known for its experimental projects which always seem to blend hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, and a little bit of the 80’s synth sound into most of its releases. New for this duo is their Someothaship EP containing three songs, one of which is below. “Shine On” features Perkins rhyming in much the fashion that he is known, sort of a present-day West Coast “Funk Dr. Spock.” Muldrow blows on the latter part of the track, and it’s nice to hear her voice unaltered and in its true form. She sounds like she’s almost singing at certain points with her head thrown back. This song, produced by underground wonder Black Milk, definitely knocks hard, and leaves me hoping for a full-length release very soon.

G&D: “Shine On”

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