SOUL-POLL: What Should be Mary J. Blige's Next Single from 'Growing Pains'?

mjb_vibe_feb2008.jpgGeffen is in the process of determining Mary J. Blige's next single from Growing Pains. We all thought "Work That" was a go, but, we just learned different. Welcome to the wonderful world of PR-generated emails, people! Listed below are some SoulBounce-selected tracks we're nominating (The full poll is located over on Mary's Myspace.)

  • Work That: Already a defining and familiar track from the album, this is the natural choice, but might be a bit belated at this point. We still love it though!
  • Til The Morning: This seems to be everyone's favorite track on from GP. It would be a good follow-up to "Just Fine" because it keeps the momentum with the disco vibe. Can you imagine how this video would look?
  • Shake Down: This might help Usher more than Mary, but it's a smooth, grown track, and we need more quiet storm on the radio, no?
  • Hurt Again: Ok, full disclosure, I just really really like this song. I can't even come up with a fair qualifier for its inclusion. Sorry?
  • Roses: My current anthem. But is the radio ready for "You suck it up!"? Coming from a woman, that is?

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This poll is open until further notice.

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