So Tells Us: Is Keyshia Cole The Next Mary J. Blige?


Much has been said about Keyshia Cole being the next Mary J. Blige, but I couldn't disagree more. Despite Keyshia playing dress up in Mary J.'s closet and wearing her old wigs, these two are on totally different levels. Yes, Keyshia is a relative new jack and MJB is a seasoned professional, but even looking back on Mary's career to when she first came out, there's no comparison. In short, Mary J. Blige > Keyshia Cole.  

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I'd like to point out a few key areas where KC and MJB differ to make my point:

  • Mary J. is hood, but Keyshia is a hoodrat. There is a difference.
  • Miss Cole needs an attitude adjustment. After hearing some of the interviews that she's done and watching her reality show, she just isn't likable. On the other hand, Mary J. is quite the opposite. She keeps it real but doesn't put people off.
  • Mary would never-ever-ever-ever-ever do a reality show. Even when she was on that stuff it wouldn't have happened.
  • Keyshia has yet to put out a classic album. By the time MJB put out her second disc that was her second classic. Just Like You is a great album, but it's no What's the 411? or My Life.
  • Mary J. wouldn't have been caught dead yodeling and passing it off as singing if "Love" had been her song.
  • Just yesterday I heard on the Wendy Williams show that Keyshia
    allegedly canceled a concert date because it was cold. Man, if that was
    MJB she woulda slapped on her furs and kept it moving. PETA be damned.
  • MJB's swagger is incredible and undeniable. From the stage to the red carpet to all points in between, she runs it. Does KC even have a swagger to speak of?

In time Keyshia Cole may evolve as an artist and grow as a person, but she's not there yet. Keyshia has her own lane, but Mary J. Blige owns the road.

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