(We're Going to Pretend This Didn't Happen) The 'Growing Pains' Leak

leaky_197.jpgThere are a number of select songs popping up and being profiled on the interwebs today from Mary J. Blige's Growing Pains. Upon further investigation (i.e. logging into my email account) I discovered this is because the album has leaked, thirteen days prior to its official release. I don't recall any time in recent history that this has happened to her, but for once my commitment to a project's integrity outweighs base curiosity.

So it seems the album has suffered another blow, but that's just par for the course these days. That means Geffen and Mary's team might have to be a little more creative and work a little harder to ensure sales and hold the public's interest. To that end, as much as we love exclusives and don't mind beefing up the Mary coverage, we're taking a pass on "Shakedown" and "Grown Woman" until 12/18. (Assuming the date doesn't change because of this.)

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