Frankly, I'm Over Housewine

It is with not a little contrition that I, SoulBounce HL/PIC (Head Laugher/Pointer in Charge) formally declare that I will no longer use this site's disk space to report any further second-hand info regarding Amy Winehouse's antics, unless they directly involve music. I solemnly swear (and the solemnity is real), at least until next year or until she does something so fantastic I cannot possibly ignore it, that I will not reiterate anything involving drugs hiding in the beehive, her husband's arrest, her ballerina slippers, anything vomity and/or upchucky, or the words "Ketel One" and "Old English". Of course, not writing these entries means I'll have to fulfill my daily post quota with other topics. Sometimes I love a challenge, you know?

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