Diggin’ In the Crates: Total’s “Sittin’ Home” Remix Should’ve Been More Major

total_kkp.jpgIt’s the body I keep digging up because I probably have an agenda.

If Total came out today, I wouldn’t be posting about them on SoulBounce, much less be a fan. But during their brief tenure, they had a style and edge about them that keeps them in my personal rotation to this day. Their first self-titled joint is classic Bad Boy, classic 90’s and classic Hip-Hop Soul. The second album, Kima, Keisha and Pam, not so much. But there were some standouts, namely “Sittin’ Home” which sampled The Whitehead Brothers’ “Forget I Was a G”.

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The remix of the track saw the debut of Shyne, who’d already elicited the ire of Biggie fans for being his impostor vocal twin. That plus the familiar “Diseases” sample should’ve made this an instant classic, but that didn’t happen.

Why? This was a banger.

Total: “Sittin’ Home (Bad Boy Remix)” ft. Shyne

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