The Awesomeness/Sadness That is 'Fiasco-Gate'

Not for nothin', but Lupe Fiasco is a comic genius. Ok, maybe not? But this is good stuff. So right now it's like when Isaiah Washington just kept digging a hole as he "clarified" what really went down on the set of Grey's, only Isaiah never openly said "[Tribe] didn't sell 10 million records, so why would people think they had a blanket on the world like that? MC Hammer was way more popular to me than Tribe Called Quest." Ok, Lupe. So your foot must be a vegetable because for some reason you won't remove it from your mouth.

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Full disclosure: I've only recently re-immersed myself in ATCQ's
catalogue, mostly because, although I loved them as a youngin', I
didn't get it. And even now I don't know most of their stuff verbatim.
But "Electric Relaxation" is like "Juicy" in that ONLY EVERYONE KNOWS
IT. The bum on the street corner? Bill O'Reilly? Pearl from 227?
Yup, they all know "Electric Relaxation" and never shamed the entire
Hip-Hop community by not only forgetting the lyrics on stage, but being
indignant about it.

Also, MC Hammer? Have you no shame?

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you've eviscerated your own cred, which is really sad because a certain
level of consciousness was expected of you. Not that we're wrong in
having those expectations, because you've set us up for that on your own. And then no one from Tribe personally asked for you to do it in the first place, knowing that you'd claimed to never have listened to them. Then the icing--

"I listen to 8Ball & MJG and I think they're better than you [Tribe]."

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--which is fine, but totally unwarranted and a little 7-year-oldish. Or do you have tourettes?

I sincerely hope Jesus is on your new album.

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Addendum: Lupe made these comments before the Honors performance. But when you think about it, that actually makes it even worse.

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